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Use our paid search agency to meet your aggressive growth goals.

Paid Search Agency

Paid Search Agency

Businesses can advertise themselves at the top of the search engine results page using search engine marketing (SEM), paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC).

Our PPC agency is results-driven and has offices across the UK. We are recognized as a Google Premier Partner and our work is respected. Learn how our data-driven, clever PPC campaigns have helped our clients achieve success around the world.

paid search agency

// What is search engine marketing and paid search?

Paid search, sometimes referred to as PPC or search advertising. This is the practice of placing online advertisements on search engine results pages. While using sophisticated bidding techniques to account for intent and demographics.

It covers remarketing, shopping ads, display ads and text ads Paid search can maximise conversion rates by showing the most relevant ads to the most targeted audience at when they are prepared to take action

The most relevant search results are returned by search engines using algorithms and sponsored ads are shown at the top of the page. Search engines like Google employ an auction function to determine which ads are displayed for each search result, depending on the searcher’s intent and the amount a corporation is willing to pay for a phrase.

To rank better on search engine results pages, search engine marketing combines both organic search engine optimization and paid advertising. Our knowledgeable staff of search engine marketers at WebHeadway has extensive expertise in running highly successful campaigns across various industries and categories across various search engines.

// Why does PPC work?

PPC advertising is a very powerful tool for increasing online sales and attracting new clients when used correctly. At Loud Mouth Media, we specialise in strategically delivering ads to the most qualified users, increasing conversions for your company and running profitable paid search campaigns.

// Using PPC and SEO to get the best of both worlds

Being a multi-award winning integrated performance company, we understand the importance of expanding PPC advertising into additional services to increase traffic and conversions.

For our clients, our PPC team works closely with our SEO team to help drive conversions and overall online growth.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to get more people to visit your website and break through the noise. With our SEO services, you can anticipate:

  • Quick results

Once your campaign is properly configured, you’ll start seeing results as soon as your ad goes online. PPC is a great way to increase leads, conversions and website traffic because people who search for your keywords usually have high intent.

  • Specific targeting channels

Customise ads to appeal to specific demographic subsets. Demographic and regional targeting solutions can guarantee that the right people see your ads. With retargeting campaigns, you can create customised calls to action and communications to convince your clients to pick up where they left off.

  • Excess network traffic

Anyone who clicks on an active ad will be taken directly to your website. You can now take them on any kind of journey by taking action directly from the landing page or by continuing to explore your website.

  • Complete transparency

Instant access to all the data you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign is made possible by search engines This data includes top-performing keywords, click-through rates, impressions and conversions. We condense all this data into a convenient report so you can quickly understand everything.

Our PPC Services: Search engine marketing services.

Search engine marketing services

To get the maximum return on your investment, we use a systematic approach to delivering PPC services across paid search, display and video channels.

All phases of your client lifecycle, including awareness, acquisition and activation, are areas where Webheadway can provide advice. Our SEO company provides the following services:


Remarketing allows you to maximise the amount of traffic to your website by showing ads to people who have already visited your website.

Banner ads

Gain targeted online exposure for your company. Use YouTube, GDN and Google’s relevant ad network to promote to relevant audiences.

Paid Social 

Due to the almost universal reach of social media, businesses can use personalised ads and influence highly targeted consumers to take action.

PPC Audits & Consultancy 

Find out how well your current campaigns are performing and where a single initiative can optimise for growth and improvement.

Scripts for Google Ads

Using Google Ads Script, you can create unique solutions for real business problems and increase the availability of your real-time data. We like to write unique scripts for our clients, to ensure that your account is not hindered by the limitations of the Google advertising platform.

Advertise on Google

We use all major search engine providers in our SEM solutions, so your ads can be placed on the platforms that will have the most impact on you.

Search terms and negative keyword analysis

Our rating system provides insightful information and recommendations for keywords and search phrases that should be the main focus of your advertising.

Lead generation

With our campaigns, we generate high-quality and reasonably priced leads, allowing you to grow your business in a profitable and sustainable way.

Landing page optimization

We offer professional guidance on developing conversion-focused landing pages.

Campaign and budget optimisation

We conduct thorough testing with various methods (such as Google Experiments) to maximise your resources and produce the best results.



Our search engine marketing services focus on increasing visitor engagement, exposing your brand to more people and optimising return on investment. Web have a dedicated SEM team to ensure your sponsored search campaigns consistently follow the best and most effective methods. The facilities include:


To create the search engine marketing campaigns that we know will produce the best results. we perform a lot of study and test and learn techniques. We thoroughly test client websites so we understand their value proposition. Our in-house copywriting team then turns this understanding into conversion-oriented content.


While quick success is wonderful, nothing can truly substitute for reliable, lasting business growth. We promote your company’s long-term viability by creating powerful SEO campaigns. That can continuously expand over time to keep pace with your company’s growth.


Our specialty is Search Ads 360, a tool that lets you manage multiple campaigns from one location with built-in integrations with Google, Bing and Yahoo. Among other benefits, it enables automated strategies and tools such as inventory control and bidding.


Data is the only thing that drives our SEM business, and providing transparency in our services is something we are truly passionate about. If you have any questions about any of our suggestions, we’ll be happy to explain our approach and show you how our plan translates into KPIs that will work for you.

How your business benefits from our PPC services

Our PPC services support your company’s growth in a cutthroat market. With a thorough understanding of advertising strategy and budget planning, we can help you manage it effectively as you strive to grow your online reach and revenue.

The PPC team has extensive expertise in creating and executing successful advertising campaigns for Google Shopping and Sponsored Search. Moreover, backed by our approach to measurement and testing, strategy, and creative, as well as marketing technology, we’ve helped some well-known businesses get the most out of their marketing budgets by providing efficient PPC management services.

Do you want to see what we have achieved for our clients? See testimonials and success stories by visiting our case studies on paid media. If you’re ready to learn how we can help, contact us now. Alternatively, continue reading to learn more about our full menu of PPC services.

PPC is a systematic approach to advertising

systematic approach in PPC

We support a scientific approach to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management based on our preferences based on intelligent data analysis, user testing and mathematical concepts to maximise your return on investment.

Limitations imposed by ad networks do not satisfy us. If a campaign presents an insurmountable problem, we’ll create a new script ourselves to get around it.

While every aspect of the campaign is considered in our account management, reporting and performance analysis, your return on investment will always be our top priority. We take the time to thoroughly understand your company so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • We never give up on finding the best pay per click available:

As one of our guiding principles, each team member commits to innovation a specific time each month. To ensure our “best” is constantly improving, we hold ourselves to a high standard and regularly peer audit teamwork. We have experts dig further to understand a metric if it doesn’t appear as expected.

  •  PPC as a Channel: 

Our entire Paid Media team works together as a single entity with PPC, Shopping, Social Media, Programmatic Display and Search (PPC) experts. Our in-house analytics capabilities guarantee excellent data quality and additional market insights.

  • We will work with you to achieve commercial success:

We will already be aware of what attractiveness looks like long before we form a partnership. Every campaign will be successful because we will be fully aware of the required results. Also we will have a measurement strategy that is agreed upon for reporting purposes. We will follow agile sprint methodology, submit regular reports and adapt to changes as the organisation needs.



Why should WEBHEADWAY be your partner?

Our company has demonstrated success in managing search engine marketing campaigns for major international businesses. We have extensive experience in creating data-driven, focused and successful campaigns for our clients. We intend to see you succeed.

Where is search engine marketing used for advertising?

The two primary components of search engine marketing are text ads and shopping ads. These appear at the top of search engine results pages.

Additionally, Google recently unveiled the Multi-Search tool. That gives users the ability to conduct searches using photos clicked on their mobile devices using Google Lens. It is expected that this feature will shift the game and present new avenues for brands to pursue. While these are the focus of our campaigns, our SEM services address every aspect of sponsored search for optimal results.

In general, how effective is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing usually has the highest conversion rates and lowest cost per action. Because, the audience flocks to the search engines have already shown a strong interest in the good or service they are looking for.

Which Search Engine Marketing KPIS or Benchmarks Are Worth Knowing?

Generally, mid- to lower-funnel marketing objectives are addressed by search engine marketing.

page views, registration; consideration; change; sales; purchase

Approximately how soon can a campaign for search engine marketing be launched?

Each of our campaigns is tailored to the needs of our customers. Much of the preparation time is spent on keyword research and creating ad copy. After receiving a brief, it usually takes 7 to 10 business days, depending on the client’s approval of the ad copy and keywords.

What is the cost of search engine marketing?

It depends on the sector, type of product, search volume for a particular period and the services required for search engine marketing. Product categories with intense competition across the digital spectrum typically cost more.

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